Mount Rinjani Climber Dies on 24/4/2023, He Was Illegal Climber
Mount Rinjani Climber Dies Mount Rinjani climber dies, Pawadi (40) from Gubuk, Santong Village, Kayangan District, North Lombok, died while climbing Mount Rinjani. The victim was found dead in the middle of the Rinjani forest on Monday (24/4/2023) afternoon.

Malkam Hadie, the head of the Santong Village Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis), said the incident began when the victim and four of his companions departed through the Santong Tengah climbing path towards Senaru Crater, Mount Rinjani on Monday morning.

Victim Died of Asthma

“On Monday morning, while in the forest, the victim suddenly had difficulty breathing or suffered from asthma,” said Malkam when contacted by phone on April 25, 2023.

After experiencing asthma, the victim’s four companions searched for him in the middle of the forest. Unfortunately, the victim was found in a state of difficulty breathing before passing away. “So his friends thought he was lost. But it turns out he had difficulty breathing.

After a few minutes, the victim couldn’t be saved,” said Malkam. Malkam mentioned that the victim died on the climbing route near the path to the “Sampurarung” Waterfall in Santong Village Forest.

The path is a hunting route for residents of Santong Village. “If we climb through there, we have to find our own way. Because the people of Santong like to hunt in Rinjani,” he said. Currently, the victim’s body has been successfully evacuated by several residents of Santong Village.

The victim’s body has been at his residence since Tuesday morning to be buried by his family. “So the victim was going to Segara Anak Rinjani Lake. The incident happened just a few hours after he started climbing, he then had difficulty breathing and passed away. Usually, there are no checks by officials when passing through here,” said Malkam.

The Victim was an Illegal Climber

Dwi Pangestu, the Head of the Sub-Sector of the Gunung Rinjani National Park Office, said that the climber who died on the Santong Climbing Route in North Lombok on Monday (24/4/2023) was an illegal climber. The climber named Pawadi (40) from Santong Village was suspected to have died due to breathing difficulties.

Pawadi (Mount Rinjani climber dies) climbed with local residents through an illegal or unofficial climbing path. “For the evacuation process, it was carried out by local residents. Because this climber climbed through an unofficial path,” said Dwi on Tuesday night (25/4/2023).

Source: Travel Detik


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