The G20 Indonesian Summit’s Bali agenda is drawing nearer
Jokowi at The G20 Indonesian preparations

Bali, – The G20 Indonesian Summit’s in Bali agenda is drawing nearer, so National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo checks the command post at the Bali Police for security preparations.

Sigit described the ministry’s connection to technological security. There would be 16 related elements from several ministries, according to Sigit’s evaluation.

With the help of this function, you may keep track of G20 implementation-related changes in real time.

According to Sigit’s written statement from Saturday, May 11, 2022, “Earlier, we conducted training utilizing facilities at the command center to understand how the performance of members, equipment, and troops in the field, including the number, we can directly monitor.”

Furthermore, according to Sigit, the command center can monitor the routes that state officials and VVIP visitors will take from the airport to the hotel or venue. If there are any roadblocks along the way, an alternate route will be planned.

“So everything is visible and monitored in the command center,” Sigit explained.

The former Head of the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit witnessed the deployment of face recognition technology, which was prepared to monitor persons who were suspected or on the police records list.

He could see from the simulation review that everything was going nicely.

“This will make it simpler to activate current personnel and equipment in the field when faced with threats and obstacles. We reduce them in accordance with the current threat level “Sigit said.

Sigit stated that in the future at the The G20 Indonesian, numerous preparations will be carried out to ensure ultimate preparedness, such as troop titles and rehearsals for joint exercises with the TNI.

“We will conduct many preparations to ensure ultimate readiness, beginning tomorrow with troop names, drills, and digital strategies, as well as a joint floor game of the TNI and POLRI.

Finally, we will hold everything and verify it for insertion before proceeding through security “Sigit said.

In terms of disaster mitigation, the previous Banten Police Chief stated that his party had developed an evacuation strategy in collaboration with other stakeholders.

“We have certainly developed disaster mitigation for natural disasters such as earthquakes and other catastrophes. When there is an earthquake, an alert goes off. We have devised an evacuation strategy. It is shared with the TNI “Sigit elaborated.

Sigit further stated that communication with the security staff of the head of state who was planned to attend had been completed. On November 15 and 16, about 17 international leaders of state are expected to attend the G20 conference.

“In general, coordination is handled by the advanced team, the TNI Commander, and Paspampres. Everything is going great, except for their security preparedness, which has to be addressed. If everything is going smoothly, the security must be modified “Sigit concluded.


November 6, 2022
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